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Cassata is the most typical Sicilian dessert. The name comes from the Arabic “quas’at”, which refers to the round bowl that gives the cake its shape. In the 9th and 10th centuries the Arabs had brought oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins and almonds to Palermo. All of these ingredients were combined with the local cheese on the island, creating the Sicilian Cassata. At first it was baked, but then in the Martorana de Palermo monastery a marzipan with herbal extract was made, called Martorana, turning the Cassata into a dessert that is served cold.
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  • Sybarite

    “Para los Gourmands de la Moda”

    The SYBARITE collection is inspired by confectionery, which pleases the palate and the eye with its textures, tastes and colors. Each SYBARITE model bears the name of a dessert, which hides a singular and little-known origin. SYBARITE is the ultimate expression of design and quality, created for fashion gourmands who want to dress every look with exclusivity and elegance.


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